Penny Moreno

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My sessions with Daisy were incredibly helpful and gave me a lot to work on, in terms of understanding the impacts I have on my goals and how to achieve them. Daisy suggested changes that were easy to manage and made a real difference to my weight and energy levels, both personal goal I had hoped to improve.

Along with small lifestyle changes, Daisy was able to give me recipes and suggestions on different foods and how to combine them to make sure I was getting all of the right nutrients I required.

B Hunter

I found the sessions with Daisy really helpful and insightful. Daisy worked with me to understand my goals and identify areas that could be affecting me reaching my goals. The suggested changes Daisy proposed were manageable and made a real difference to my energy and pain levels. As well as food and vitamin suggestions, Daisy provided recipes and suggested vitamins which made the few transitions realistic for me. Thank you, Daisy!

H Brown
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