Health and Nutrition Testing

Functional Medicine Testing

In some cases, as part of the nutritional therapy consultation, I might suggest some functional testing to help identify imbalances to address. These tests are usually very comprehensive and go beyond what the NHS can offer in terms of testing.

Functional testing enables me to understand how factors such as genetics, diet, lifestyle and exposure to toxic substances such as heavy metals and mold might create imbalances within bodily systems which may lead to disease.

At Optimal Health Nutrition we have partnered up with specialist labs and offer the most advanced testing in areas such as:

  • Hormone Testing
  • Full Vitamin and Mineral Levels
  • Gut Complain Testing
  • Food Sensitivity Testing
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity Testing
  • Thyroid Testing
  • Gut permeability (Leaky Gut) Testing

How does functional testing work?

As part of the one to one consultation I can ascertain which tests might be suitable to help you achieve your health goal. A test will typically involve a breath, blood, saliva, urine or stool sample.

Many of these can be conducted at home, however, sometimes a blood draw is required, and we can signpost you to some local blood draw clinics.

The test results come back to me and I will interpret them and suggest food plans, supplementation and lifestyle changes accordingly.