Get the video

Daisy, you can add any blocks you like inside this section ( ‘reward-form’ in the cms), above or below the form itself, and they will appear when the page loads, but disappear when the form is submitted and the reward appears.

    What are adaptagens?

    This section (with the idea of ‘special-content’ in the CMS), currently containing the video and this text, can be edited to contain anything you want. When the page loads the section is in the code, but hidden from view in the browser (if you really wanted the free video, you could find its url in the source code).

    Successfully submitting the form causes the form to be hidden from view, and the form-reward section to become visible.

    You could change the page title and the url if you wanted it to be diifferent at different times, as long as the link button on the homepage was updated at the same time.